Real Book PDF Download

Having jazz real books is a must for any jazz musicians. When I first got into jazz I remember spending hours reading these melodies transcription and practicing all the chords until I knew them by heart. With real books you can literally spend as much time as you want without ever running out of material to learn.

That became even better when I got this PDF real book collection. Since downloading them directly on my computer I am able to select the songs I want to learn / practice for my gigs, print them and even print the Eb and Bb transposition for my Sax buddy John. That quickly replaced my big real book that was falling into pieces each time I turned a page.

This collection is really worth not only for the common used real books but for the rare books such as Spaces and the slick book.

You can get it here:

Have a good time playing nice music and once you know the melody and chords, stop looking at the sheet!